I like soccer it is fun. To go to a game it cost a bunch of money. A game is has a lot of nose. You can get hot dogs, popcorn and more. Here are all the soccer teams.


I play soccer.

It is a lot of fun.

Soccer is fun to play if you now how to play here are sum tips to now 1. pass a lot and drink a lot and 3. go back and forth fast yore position here are all the positions.Did you now if you go to a game and have scarve and it is one of the teams logo you shod wave it.

If the players of the Portland timbers score he or she gets to get log.



Do you like soccer?



to play soccer you need 1. shin guards

2. socks










I whet to a game a few weeks a go.

here are sum cool soccer balls.



epic here is some players

ball in the face och. soccer can be dangerous I mean look a him and him.


 lets not think abut this at all. but soccer can be fun to. like the feling of wining. 

quotes i learned all abut my life with a ball in my feet. Hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard. our knees… scraped 

our heads… sweaty

our cleats… uddy  

our hearts… keep going in the game we love






My Dad is in Thailand

My dad went to Thailand a few days a go he will come back in abut two weeks.  He is not going for fun but for work. We miss him a lot. He might go see some cool sites. I hope he will have fun. 

Have you ever been to Thailand?

What I will see on my Summer Break

Summer is here. That means summer v.a.k  will soon be here too. I will go to Canada. I still  need to get my passport to go to Canada. I don’t have much time. I will go to a new class soon about tracking in the wood.  I will go to a engineering camp abut engineering and battle bots. It will be a fun summer and a cool one not a hot summer like the last one.

16.jpg (640×359)

The Crew

I go into third grade in like 2 weeks but I am sad to go away from The Crew and not come back. I may be able help a tiny bit some times by coming back to the classroom next year. The Crew was a lot of fun for me and the rest of the class. I got to do a bunch of cool things like get this blog and meet more class mates. I am sad to go away but I am happy to go in to go into third grade soon very soon. I might blog over summer break.  I will miss Mrs. Amri she was such a good teacher. She taught me a lot this year like how to write a post like this one and all the rest of my posts and more posts on other blogs. She also taught me to believe in myself and be a good listener. She made learning fun. It was a fun year, a very fun year.

                                                                                                   Do you what to be in the crew or wish you were?        

My Mom

My mom is sweet and she loves me a lot. She pays a lot of attention to my health, and she makes my day better. She is really cool. She pikes up.

What do you love about your mom?


At my school we are having a study about Africa. We are also studying African culture. We are also learning African songs, dances, and drumming and storytelling. We are taught by Okaidja.

games I like

My favorite game is soccer and my favorite game at school is tag. I like games where I run. If my family and I were stranded on a deserted island we would play hide and go seek, but I would like to play soccer, maybe with coconuts.

Spicy Hot Pickles

imagesA food that is special to my family is spicy hot pickles. My Grandpa and Grandma make them from scratch each year. They get a call from a farmer when the cucumbers are ready and then they go pick them up and it is pickle day. The pickles age for awhile but they always have a jar open at their house. Their pickles are really, really hot! But I like them. Grandpa taught me how to eat spicy foods.

Africa bridge

Africa Bridge is an organization that helps kids in Tanzania. My school has helped Africa Bridge by raising money through reading. I  am going to try to read more challenging books and for more time to raise more money so that I can help kids in Tanzania.